Saturday, February 26, 2011

maybe when you’re old enough You’ll realize you’re not so tough

Today i decided to be goal oriented.
I think its a problem how little i sleep. Some how i still function without any problems with having only a couple hours of sleep. Its strange because the days i sleep in or the nights i've fallen asleep early i'm more tired the next morning. Its hard to accomplish anything late at night. Nothing is open and everyone is asleep so you cant even be as loud as you want. Its also a bummer when you are not sleepy at all and slowly but surly people sign off Facebook and all text messages stop because everyone is falling asleep and going to bed. At four in the morning you feel like the only person alive. When you reach a certain level of loneliness the only remedy is...breakfast food.
If you didn't already know, i love waffles.
After eating this all insomnia goes away for 9 hours and you go into a flavor coma. When you wake up from a deep sleep, like i did this morning, it is crucial you stand up and move around before you get to comfortable. This action can be the difference between lying in bed and watching movies from Hulu for hours until you have to go to work, or hanging out with your best friend and business partner Luke and working on a business presentation that is going to take us to DECA Nationals.
The cows that the advanced art students have been creating are almost finished. It seems like when i get something done there is always more. I never know when this beefy nightmare will end.
So tonight at old Chicago my manager, Rachel, was talking to Caleb, a server, and he was going on about this wet floor sign that was outside if the side door to Old Chicago. This side door should only be used in emergencies so if you open it the alarm goes off. Only a manager can turn off the alarm and go out the door. Anyway, Caleb was asking Rachel if he could go get the sign and she was pretending like she didn't know what he was talking about, so he decided he was going to go through the front door and walk around to the side to get it. Once he was out of eye sight Rachel opened the side door with her key, got the sign, and hid it in the back. When Caleb came back in he told us he swore he saw a wet floor sign outside and nobody believed him. After an hour of the wet floor sign being hidden i decided to get involved and i asked Rachel's permission to take the sign and put it back out side the side door. She agreed and i preceded to take the sign out the back door, to avoid Caleb's visual contact, to the side door so that Caleb would see it when he went to pick up drinks for his table. It amused me to watch him prove  that the sign was out there but he couldn't explain why it wasn't out there before. Old Chicago Fun.

Monday, February 21, 2011

Im not the type of cat you can afford to miss when you shoot me.

Today i decided to celebrate presidents day by doing exactly what our country's forefathers wanted us to do. Nothing.
My oldest sister Aubrey came home so i got to hang out with my niece today. We watched a lot of Gullah Gullah Island and Lilo and Stitch. The only thing i could think about all day is how much i wished i lived on Gullah Gullah Island. Everyday my family would break out into songs about what awesome activity we are going to do. Everyone in town wears bright neon colored cloths and knows how to sing. And seeing an enormous yellow frog jump out of a tree doesn't surprise anyone. Its hard to imagine a world so perfect.
I was so happy today when Dakota looked over at me and said "Aye Buddy." Not only is my name one of the very few she can say but she also is catching on to my lingo. So after she got my attention i pointed at her and said "wad up baby." I don't think she liked me calling her baby because she sat down and lowered her right eyebrow and made a face that said "you don't know my life." She then crawled away into the kitchen.
Somebody asked me why some of my titles don't really make sense with the theme of my writing. The story behind that is that every time i sit down to write a new post i turn on one song and put it on repeat. That way my mind stays in the same frame of thought so that my writing isn't to random or spastic. The title of my posts are usually my favorite line of the song i decided to write to.
Todays song was Industrial Revolution by Immoral Technique.
He is a crazy good rapper and makes me think fast.
If you readers don't feel like you know me enough by reading my blog you can be super stalkerish and read my sisters. She wrote a pretty cool wordpress post thats all about yours truly. Pictures and everything. Check it out. Jhoaglin

Tuesday, February 15, 2011

The weather is amazing even the birds are bumping.

Today i decided to relax.
I feel like lately i have been running around working, schooling, projects, parties, and finally rest. As much as i had to do today i put it off till tomorrow because today my niece is here and i wanna take a nap like her.
This weekend feels like a blur. My Knoxville friends were in town but between working and an all day birthday party i hardly got to see any of them. Work for me has gotten a lot better. Finally their are people there that actually like to see me. I love when my co-workers come up to me and tell me they are happy i am working. It feels good to know you are wanted.
Saturday was my friend Maggie's birthday party. It was a complete surprise to her which made it really great to see her face in shock as she opened the bathroom door and saw a couple of her friends crammed in between the sink and toilet.
If you want surprise some one we thought of a bunch of funny ideas you can do.
1. Get parachutes and stand in the back yard making the surprisee think you just jumped in for a visit.
2. Hide in the bathroom and when the surprisee decides to use the bathroom everyone jumps out of the shower.
3. Pretend like the surpisee isn't even in the room once they have entered.
4. When the surprisee opens the door spit water in their face.
Thats just a couple but you get the idea.
Maggie is a pretty blessed girl. Her parents planned this long day of events for her and managed to keep it a complete secret from her. She had no clue. They incorporated her love for music and being with her friends in order to make an amazing 18th birthday party. Happy Birthday Magatron.
My favorite part of the whole day was that night when Mr. and Mrs. Richardson Maggie and I went to the Grand Ole Opry and had the privilege to sit on the stage while the musicians performed. For Maggie's Birthday her mom wanted Danny Gokey (America Idol) to sing happy birthday to her. Being the caring person Danny Gokey is he obliged and even let her sing the end of it as he harmonized. The video is on my facebook if you don't believe me. After this encounter with the Gokey we got to watch some country music in action until i had to use the restroom. I found my way to the restroom, after being nosy and peeking around the dressing rooms for the celebrities. Once in the bathroom i realized Danny was using the restroom as well. I decided that day to be awkward. I walked up next to him and did my business in the urinal right beside him, laughing to myself about how funny it is to make people feel uncomfortable. Im sure he didn't know what to think because he couldn't leave fast enough. On the way out i held the door for him and he said "Thanks Buddy" Immediately i thought, wow this guy remembered my name just from meeting me once thats so cool. So i replied "Hey, you remembered my name!" He looked at me in disbelief and as he walked away he said, "Your names Buddy?" Last words i had with the Gokey. Successful  night.
Monday my friend Tori and I celebrated Singles Awareness Day (SAD) by eating tacos and going to see an Adam Sandler movie. The way it was intended to be celebrated. Before i went to Nashville to see her i decided to be a good brother and son and buy my sister and my mom flowers. I decided to buy two soda's in glass bottles so that i can put the flowers in them. I went to oscars and got a strawberry soda and an Apple soda. Both were amazing. I dont know what it is about South America and soda but they do it right.
Today was a very important day in history.
The 2011 Bonnaroo Line-Up came out today and its magical.
LIne Up
If you have never been to the Roo let me be the first to tell you your missing out. Being outdoors with my best friends, listening to the music i live for, surrounded by the most creative people this world has to offer is why i go to Bonaroo. I can still remember last year so vividly. My new Chaco's were giving me blisters, my back was burnt, i was smelly, hungry, and hot, but i was the happiest i have ever been. A tip if you deiced to go, bring a tape recorder. Trust me.
I have more to blog but it will have to wait.

Tuesday, February 8, 2011

They think they know my thoughts but they don't know the least

Today i decided to air drummed so hard i cramped my arm muscles.
Cage the Elephant can to that.
I wish life was like monopoly. I would have hotels all over the board. Over the past couple weeks the RTN Technical staff has been playing monopoly on our down time. Which is most the time. Im starting to wish i had a pair of dice that could decide where i would go next. Hopefully i would land on a railroad because you know i already own all of them. Thats where the moneys at.

Sega Genesis Monopoly is where its at.

Sunday i got my hair cut. On my way home from the barber shop i kinda felt like i was conforming to the man's standard. I feel like people complement me when i get my hair cut because in their head they are like "finally that hippie is straightening up." With long hair i felt like i was stickin it to the man, rock and roll you know. Its whatever though my hair looks awesome..
Young Life has started back up and its what i've needed. Im tired of singing free falling and wonderwall obnoxiously loud by myself. At Young Life i have a place to BE fun with some interesting people. Your thinking, how can he BE fun thats physically impossible. I know. But its true. Believe it.

Saturday, February 5, 2011

Im ready to get my future on

Today i decided to get it over with.
After taking my cough medicine last night i sleep like a baby until 40 minutes before i had to be at Old Chicago in uniform and clocked in. I can remember as i laid in bed savoring those last few moments you have horizontally because you know once you stand up, your going to be up for a while. I like to stretch in bed for an abnormal amount of time. One of Forrest Arnold's songs was stuck in my head. Its called Young Boy's Blues and at my favorite part it says "Boy if you wanna learn to love you better learn to lie and if you wanna learn to live you better learn to die." I repeatedly sang this as got ready for work and for most the time while i was at work. I think this song was my way of distracting myself of the reality that i was going to work.
I try to like work as much as i can but after doing it for song long i guess i am just bored. However boring it is it gives me time to think a lot. Mostly i try to think of excuses to why i should not have to work but more importantly i think about how much i could be accomplishing if i wasn't bussing tables. I think im ready to get my future on. Im tired of waiting to get things going.
On Friday, My art teacher has finally caught on to my slacking in class and has told me i have to do something other than build a paper mache life size model of a cow for the school play.
The picture to the left is of kyle wood with the skeleton of the cow. When my art teacher demanded i do something creative soon my brain tried scrabbling for ideas that sounded creative. Nothing hit me until fifth period when i decided i wanted to make a clay apple and take an actual bite out of it so once i glazed and fired it it would actually look like i bit it. The only problem was that i did not want to actually bite the clay, so after shaping the clay in the apple shape i wanted it i looked for that clear wrap stuff but all i could find was a cleaning glove. Ill just let you watch the video and let you see how it ended up.
I tried this process several times and still can not get it  to look correct. If any one has any advice i would take it. But if not i may just have to fake it an carve my teeth marks in with a tool. Tomorrow i getting a hair cut. Better believe i'm gonna blog about it.

Thursday, February 3, 2011

I wanna know why the world turns

Today i decided to hang out with my friend.
While you read this post listen his music.
I woke up this morning at 5 o'clock and was trying to find my phone because i was coughing frantically and i knew if it was not right next to my head i would not wake up for school. After a good 5 minutes of blindly moving my hand along the floor i decided i was smarter than my lost phone. I opened my mac book pro and got on twitter. If you follow me on twitter i apologize for the tweet at 5 in the morning saying "lost my phone during coughing attack. trying to use twitter to find it." I just needed my phone to vibrate once to find it, and i did. Thanks Twitter.
Once i got in my car i realized i was going to have a rough day. Yesterday i stayed home all day because i could not stop coughing my lungs out. I knew i had to be at school today because we are likely to get snow friday and possibly monday and tuesday as well. So i loaded up on cold medicine and participated like a good student. School seems the same to me most days but today was kinda special because i along with my other senior class officers are counting superlative votes and guess who is in the lead for most popular. FTW. I usually am against popularity contests. I do not think most of them really matter but if feels good to know at least a good handful of students know me. I had no idea i knew that many friends. The voting is not over yet though, so i don't know for sure. 
After school i had the pleasure of hanging out with one of my best friends, and a promising musician, Forrest Arnold. Thats him playing in the video above. Not only did he give me a demo, but he also bought me Starbucks Coffee. Best friend for sure. Forrest and i spent the afternoon taking about music and playing Supersmash Brothers like the old times. We shared business ventures and talked about awful music like Pink and Selena Gomez. I cant believe the talent and potential Forrest has to do anything, but i'm glad he is focusing on music because i am digging it. 
I thought one thing today that kinda bugged me as i drove down church street to avoid waiting on a train.   There is two asian type restaurants right next to each other; Cathay and Taste of Thai. I have never been to either of these restaurants but i have the privilege of knowing Victoria, a childhood girlfriend and classmate, who works at Taste of Thai. Today i asked her if she ever gets angry when she sees people walking into Cathay because she has to know that her food is better. I believe its better and i have never even been there. Keep it up Taste of Thai you rock
Dakota Rocks to because she has a pink snow suite.

Tuesday, February 1, 2011

I Am A Mountain

Today I decided to be awesome.
The first awesome thing i could think of to do was only use one strap on my backpack to hold my books. I felt really cool walking into school just in time for me to turn on the sound for the announcements. For those who do not know i am the sound guy for my high schools television network, it is called RTN. I strolled into the RTN room like i owned the place and started the music, as picked out previously by Luke, to start the announcements intro.
Most of the rest of the morning consisted of playing Sonic and Monopoly on the Sega Genesis we keep hidden in the RTN room. Unfortunately I lost to luke after skipping lunch in order to finish our game. When i went bankrupt the game made me press a button that said "i agree to bankruptcy" I found this button very degrading. The game obviously knows i cant afford to land on his park place with 2 houses on it. I only had my railroads and 246 dollars cash. I had no choice, it was like Check Mate in chess. So why would it force me to push a button that i know will terminate my chances of winning? Stupid Monopoly.
During second period i felt like the man because i'm probably the oldest person in there and the group i was in was probably thinking i was the smartest person in the world. I don't always feel like the smartest person so this was a good change. Also i dissed my teachers favorite team (Greenbay) by saying the cheese head in the room must be why the portables smell. Everyone Laughed in approval of my joke. I love it. Close to the end of class i decided i wanted a candy bar. So i raised my hand and asked to use the restroom. My teacher regrettably let me go so i swung open the door and jumped over the railing instead of using the stairs. All my classmates saw it. Im awesome.
Nothing really awesome happened until i was leaving the school. While pulling left out of the parking lot i gassed it to hard and my wheels spun and with the slick wet ground i slid until i was two inches from the girls car. She was putting he key into the socket and was staring at me in fear for her vehicle. BUT I DIDNT FLINCH. I pulled away as if i planed that bumping 88.3 Lupe Fiasco "Superstar" It was a little to much.
I Took a power nap, which is a lot better than a regular nap, and got ready for work at my house. I usually jump off the third stair, skipping the first two, but today i decided to be awesome so i jumped from the fifth.
I made sure to walk in Old Chicago, my work, with my uniform under my arm real smooth like. I walked in and went right up to the managers to talk, because i'm confident like that today. My managers decided that the restaurant wasn't busy enough for me to work so i go the night off. I think they just knew today i had my awesome pants on and i was not going to work for anybody!

Grandma Work Out

That pretty much concludes my day of awesomeness. I dedicated this post and today to being awesome to prove to readers that i am not always awkward as i said in my first post. I am a normal kid. If your not really impressed by my swag now then i'm sorry but thats as good as it gets. Pretty successful day for me. Ill try not to be so humble in my next post.