Tuesday, February 15, 2011

The weather is amazing even the birds are bumping.

Today i decided to relax.
I feel like lately i have been running around working, schooling, projects, parties, and finally rest. As much as i had to do today i put it off till tomorrow because today my niece is here and i wanna take a nap like her.
This weekend feels like a blur. My Knoxville friends were in town but between working and an all day birthday party i hardly got to see any of them. Work for me has gotten a lot better. Finally their are people there that actually like to see me. I love when my co-workers come up to me and tell me they are happy i am working. It feels good to know you are wanted.
Saturday was my friend Maggie's birthday party. It was a complete surprise to her which made it really great to see her face in shock as she opened the bathroom door and saw a couple of her friends crammed in between the sink and toilet.
If you want surprise some one we thought of a bunch of funny ideas you can do.
1. Get parachutes and stand in the back yard making the surprisee think you just jumped in for a visit.
2. Hide in the bathroom and when the surprisee decides to use the bathroom everyone jumps out of the shower.
3. Pretend like the surpisee isn't even in the room once they have entered.
4. When the surprisee opens the door spit water in their face.
Thats just a couple but you get the idea.
Maggie is a pretty blessed girl. Her parents planned this long day of events for her and managed to keep it a complete secret from her. She had no clue. They incorporated her love for music and being with her friends in order to make an amazing 18th birthday party. Happy Birthday Magatron.
My favorite part of the whole day was that night when Mr. and Mrs. Richardson Maggie and I went to the Grand Ole Opry and had the privilege to sit on the stage while the musicians performed. For Maggie's Birthday her mom wanted Danny Gokey (America Idol) to sing happy birthday to her. Being the caring person Danny Gokey is he obliged and even let her sing the end of it as he harmonized. The video is on my facebook if you don't believe me. After this encounter with the Gokey we got to watch some country music in action until i had to use the restroom. I found my way to the restroom, after being nosy and peeking around the dressing rooms for the celebrities. Once in the bathroom i realized Danny was using the restroom as well. I decided that day to be awkward. I walked up next to him and did my business in the urinal right beside him, laughing to myself about how funny it is to make people feel uncomfortable. Im sure he didn't know what to think because he couldn't leave fast enough. On the way out i held the door for him and he said "Thanks Buddy" Immediately i thought, wow this guy remembered my name just from meeting me once thats so cool. So i replied "Hey, you remembered my name!" He looked at me in disbelief and as he walked away he said, "Your names Buddy?" Last words i had with the Gokey. Successful  night.
Monday my friend Tori and I celebrated Singles Awareness Day (SAD) by eating tacos and going to see an Adam Sandler movie. The way it was intended to be celebrated. Before i went to Nashville to see her i decided to be a good brother and son and buy my sister and my mom flowers. I decided to buy two soda's in glass bottles so that i can put the flowers in them. I went to oscars and got a strawberry soda and an Apple soda. Both were amazing. I dont know what it is about South America and soda but they do it right.
Today was a very important day in history.
The 2011 Bonnaroo Line-Up came out today and its magical.
LIne Up
If you have never been to the Roo let me be the first to tell you your missing out. Being outdoors with my best friends, listening to the music i live for, surrounded by the most creative people this world has to offer is why i go to Bonaroo. I can still remember last year so vividly. My new Chaco's were giving me blisters, my back was burnt, i was smelly, hungry, and hot, but i was the happiest i have ever been. A tip if you deiced to go, bring a tape recorder. Trust me.
I have more to blog but it will have to wait.

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