Tuesday, February 8, 2011

They think they know my thoughts but they don't know the least

Today i decided to air drummed so hard i cramped my arm muscles.
Cage the Elephant can to that.
I wish life was like monopoly. I would have hotels all over the board. Over the past couple weeks the RTN Technical staff has been playing monopoly on our down time. Which is most the time. Im starting to wish i had a pair of dice that could decide where i would go next. Hopefully i would land on a railroad because you know i already own all of them. Thats where the moneys at.

Sega Genesis Monopoly is where its at.

Sunday i got my hair cut. On my way home from the barber shop i kinda felt like i was conforming to the man's standard. I feel like people complement me when i get my hair cut because in their head they are like "finally that hippie is straightening up." With long hair i felt like i was stickin it to the man, rock and roll you know. Its whatever though my hair looks awesome..
Young Life has started back up and its what i've needed. Im tired of singing free falling and wonderwall obnoxiously loud by myself. At Young Life i have a place to BE fun with some interesting people. Your thinking, how can he BE fun thats physically impossible. I know. But its true. Believe it.

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  1. still having a hard time believing you can BE fun.