Saturday, February 5, 2011

Im ready to get my future on

Today i decided to get it over with.
After taking my cough medicine last night i sleep like a baby until 40 minutes before i had to be at Old Chicago in uniform and clocked in. I can remember as i laid in bed savoring those last few moments you have horizontally because you know once you stand up, your going to be up for a while. I like to stretch in bed for an abnormal amount of time. One of Forrest Arnold's songs was stuck in my head. Its called Young Boy's Blues and at my favorite part it says "Boy if you wanna learn to love you better learn to lie and if you wanna learn to live you better learn to die." I repeatedly sang this as got ready for work and for most the time while i was at work. I think this song was my way of distracting myself of the reality that i was going to work.
I try to like work as much as i can but after doing it for song long i guess i am just bored. However boring it is it gives me time to think a lot. Mostly i try to think of excuses to why i should not have to work but more importantly i think about how much i could be accomplishing if i wasn't bussing tables. I think im ready to get my future on. Im tired of waiting to get things going.
On Friday, My art teacher has finally caught on to my slacking in class and has told me i have to do something other than build a paper mache life size model of a cow for the school play.
The picture to the left is of kyle wood with the skeleton of the cow. When my art teacher demanded i do something creative soon my brain tried scrabbling for ideas that sounded creative. Nothing hit me until fifth period when i decided i wanted to make a clay apple and take an actual bite out of it so once i glazed and fired it it would actually look like i bit it. The only problem was that i did not want to actually bite the clay, so after shaping the clay in the apple shape i wanted it i looked for that clear wrap stuff but all i could find was a cleaning glove. Ill just let you watch the video and let you see how it ended up.
I tried this process several times and still can not get it  to look correct. If any one has any advice i would take it. But if not i may just have to fake it an carve my teeth marks in with a tool. Tomorrow i getting a hair cut. Better believe i'm gonna blog about it.

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