Thursday, February 3, 2011

I wanna know why the world turns

Today i decided to hang out with my friend.
While you read this post listen his music.
I woke up this morning at 5 o'clock and was trying to find my phone because i was coughing frantically and i knew if it was not right next to my head i would not wake up for school. After a good 5 minutes of blindly moving my hand along the floor i decided i was smarter than my lost phone. I opened my mac book pro and got on twitter. If you follow me on twitter i apologize for the tweet at 5 in the morning saying "lost my phone during coughing attack. trying to use twitter to find it." I just needed my phone to vibrate once to find it, and i did. Thanks Twitter.
Once i got in my car i realized i was going to have a rough day. Yesterday i stayed home all day because i could not stop coughing my lungs out. I knew i had to be at school today because we are likely to get snow friday and possibly monday and tuesday as well. So i loaded up on cold medicine and participated like a good student. School seems the same to me most days but today was kinda special because i along with my other senior class officers are counting superlative votes and guess who is in the lead for most popular. FTW. I usually am against popularity contests. I do not think most of them really matter but if feels good to know at least a good handful of students know me. I had no idea i knew that many friends. The voting is not over yet though, so i don't know for sure. 
After school i had the pleasure of hanging out with one of my best friends, and a promising musician, Forrest Arnold. Thats him playing in the video above. Not only did he give me a demo, but he also bought me Starbucks Coffee. Best friend for sure. Forrest and i spent the afternoon taking about music and playing Supersmash Brothers like the old times. We shared business ventures and talked about awful music like Pink and Selena Gomez. I cant believe the talent and potential Forrest has to do anything, but i'm glad he is focusing on music because i am digging it. 
I thought one thing today that kinda bugged me as i drove down church street to avoid waiting on a train.   There is two asian type restaurants right next to each other; Cathay and Taste of Thai. I have never been to either of these restaurants but i have the privilege of knowing Victoria, a childhood girlfriend and classmate, who works at Taste of Thai. Today i asked her if she ever gets angry when she sees people walking into Cathay because she has to know that her food is better. I believe its better and i have never even been there. Keep it up Taste of Thai you rock
Dakota Rocks to because she has a pink snow suite.

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