Tuesday, February 1, 2011

I Am A Mountain

Today I decided to be awesome.
The first awesome thing i could think of to do was only use one strap on my backpack to hold my books. I felt really cool walking into school just in time for me to turn on the sound for the announcements. For those who do not know i am the sound guy for my high schools television network, it is called RTN. I strolled into the RTN room like i owned the place and started the music, as picked out previously by Luke, to start the announcements intro.
Most of the rest of the morning consisted of playing Sonic and Monopoly on the Sega Genesis we keep hidden in the RTN room. Unfortunately I lost to luke after skipping lunch in order to finish our game. When i went bankrupt the game made me press a button that said "i agree to bankruptcy" I found this button very degrading. The game obviously knows i cant afford to land on his park place with 2 houses on it. I only had my railroads and 246 dollars cash. I had no choice, it was like Check Mate in chess. So why would it force me to push a button that i know will terminate my chances of winning? Stupid Monopoly.
During second period i felt like the man because i'm probably the oldest person in there and the group i was in was probably thinking i was the smartest person in the world. I don't always feel like the smartest person so this was a good change. Also i dissed my teachers favorite team (Greenbay) by saying the cheese head in the room must be why the portables smell. Everyone Laughed in approval of my joke. I love it. Close to the end of class i decided i wanted a candy bar. So i raised my hand and asked to use the restroom. My teacher regrettably let me go so i swung open the door and jumped over the railing instead of using the stairs. All my classmates saw it. Im awesome.
Nothing really awesome happened until i was leaving the school. While pulling left out of the parking lot i gassed it to hard and my wheels spun and with the slick wet ground i slid until i was two inches from the girls car. She was putting he key into the socket and was staring at me in fear for her vehicle. BUT I DIDNT FLINCH. I pulled away as if i planed that bumping 88.3 Lupe Fiasco "Superstar" It was a little to much.
I Took a power nap, which is a lot better than a regular nap, and got ready for work at my house. I usually jump off the third stair, skipping the first two, but today i decided to be awesome so i jumped from the fifth.
I made sure to walk in Old Chicago, my work, with my uniform under my arm real smooth like. I walked in and went right up to the managers to talk, because i'm confident like that today. My managers decided that the restaurant wasn't busy enough for me to work so i go the night off. I think they just knew today i had my awesome pants on and i was not going to work for anybody!

Grandma Work Out

That pretty much concludes my day of awesomeness. I dedicated this post and today to being awesome to prove to readers that i am not always awkward as i said in my first post. I am a normal kid. If your not really impressed by my swag now then i'm sorry but thats as good as it gets. Pretty successful day for me. Ill try not to be so humble in my next post.  


  1. today i decided to be awkward. i decide that every day. it's a choice.