Monday, February 21, 2011

Im not the type of cat you can afford to miss when you shoot me.

Today i decided to celebrate presidents day by doing exactly what our country's forefathers wanted us to do. Nothing.
My oldest sister Aubrey came home so i got to hang out with my niece today. We watched a lot of Gullah Gullah Island and Lilo and Stitch. The only thing i could think about all day is how much i wished i lived on Gullah Gullah Island. Everyday my family would break out into songs about what awesome activity we are going to do. Everyone in town wears bright neon colored cloths and knows how to sing. And seeing an enormous yellow frog jump out of a tree doesn't surprise anyone. Its hard to imagine a world so perfect.
I was so happy today when Dakota looked over at me and said "Aye Buddy." Not only is my name one of the very few she can say but she also is catching on to my lingo. So after she got my attention i pointed at her and said "wad up baby." I don't think she liked me calling her baby because she sat down and lowered her right eyebrow and made a face that said "you don't know my life." She then crawled away into the kitchen.
Somebody asked me why some of my titles don't really make sense with the theme of my writing. The story behind that is that every time i sit down to write a new post i turn on one song and put it on repeat. That way my mind stays in the same frame of thought so that my writing isn't to random or spastic. The title of my posts are usually my favorite line of the song i decided to write to.
Todays song was Industrial Revolution by Immoral Technique.
He is a crazy good rapper and makes me think fast.
If you readers don't feel like you know me enough by reading my blog you can be super stalkerish and read my sisters. She wrote a pretty cool wordpress post thats all about yours truly. Pictures and everything. Check it out. Jhoaglin

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