Saturday, February 26, 2011

maybe when you’re old enough You’ll realize you’re not so tough

Today i decided to be goal oriented.
I think its a problem how little i sleep. Some how i still function without any problems with having only a couple hours of sleep. Its strange because the days i sleep in or the nights i've fallen asleep early i'm more tired the next morning. Its hard to accomplish anything late at night. Nothing is open and everyone is asleep so you cant even be as loud as you want. Its also a bummer when you are not sleepy at all and slowly but surly people sign off Facebook and all text messages stop because everyone is falling asleep and going to bed. At four in the morning you feel like the only person alive. When you reach a certain level of loneliness the only remedy is...breakfast food.
If you didn't already know, i love waffles.
After eating this all insomnia goes away for 9 hours and you go into a flavor coma. When you wake up from a deep sleep, like i did this morning, it is crucial you stand up and move around before you get to comfortable. This action can be the difference between lying in bed and watching movies from Hulu for hours until you have to go to work, or hanging out with your best friend and business partner Luke and working on a business presentation that is going to take us to DECA Nationals.
The cows that the advanced art students have been creating are almost finished. It seems like when i get something done there is always more. I never know when this beefy nightmare will end.
So tonight at old Chicago my manager, Rachel, was talking to Caleb, a server, and he was going on about this wet floor sign that was outside if the side door to Old Chicago. This side door should only be used in emergencies so if you open it the alarm goes off. Only a manager can turn off the alarm and go out the door. Anyway, Caleb was asking Rachel if he could go get the sign and she was pretending like she didn't know what he was talking about, so he decided he was going to go through the front door and walk around to the side to get it. Once he was out of eye sight Rachel opened the side door with her key, got the sign, and hid it in the back. When Caleb came back in he told us he swore he saw a wet floor sign outside and nobody believed him. After an hour of the wet floor sign being hidden i decided to get involved and i asked Rachel's permission to take the sign and put it back out side the side door. She agreed and i preceded to take the sign out the back door, to avoid Caleb's visual contact, to the side door so that Caleb would see it when he went to pick up drinks for his table. It amused me to watch him prove  that the sign was out there but he couldn't explain why it wasn't out there before. Old Chicago Fun.

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