Monday, January 31, 2011

Say Hello, Wave Goodbye

Today i woke up way to early.
When i finally got out of bed this morning i went over to my window to look outside. I do this often and lately its been to cold to open up my window but today seemed right. For a good five minutes i daydreamed about being the last person on the planet. I think this thought spawned from how quiet the morning was. I opened my window to a light mist but it wasn't chilly like it has been lately. It was that kind of morning that reminds me of spring.
In my daydream i thought about what it would be to just wake up to yourself everyday. You are the only free willed organism that is going to be living a fulfilling life. I thought about every morning i would scream at the top of my lungs out of my window just to break the silence. That much absence of noise is just too eery.
For the most of the day i help my marketing teacher host the DECA regional competition. Running back and forth through big crowds with Bearbot's remix of "Drugs" by Ratatat and "Kick, Push" by Lupe Fiasco blasting in my ears really makes me appreciate people in general. I like how if you have headphones in everyone knows you cant hear them so they just put a smile on and act like they can hear it too. If i have my headphones in you can not hear my music. Why are you shaking your head and saying rock on to me?
For the last part of the day i got to go to student council and hang out with my niece.

My niece, Dakota, amazes me every time i see her. I once herd that a baby is like a dog, in that it learns to do tricks, but its better than a dog because it learns to talk. Dakota is almost 11 months now, she cant talk yet but she does have her jokes down right. Every time she has food she pretends to feed me then pulls the food away and pops it in her own mouth. I thought this was so funny we spent most of the night not feeding me.
Im having trouble thinking of what to blog about because i don't feel like my days are interesting enough to write about every day. But until i can work out a murder mystery the few readers i have will have to hear about my days of being awkward and getting out witted by babys.
By the way, when posting this blog on facebook i didnt know anyone would look at it. Over the past two days ive gotten text and complements from some of my friends. To you guys, thank you. I just realized their might be some people i don't see on a daily basis or people ive never seen at all reading this blog. Then i thought about how the only thing i have written about is how weird and awkward i am. To be honest im not ashamed of my awkwardness so i guess i do not care if people hear the spacifics of my situations but i am not always like that. That was just a super awkward day. I feel like tomorrow should blog about how cool i am.
For instance today i was getting my laptop out from behind the podium and i nudged a microphone sitting on a shelf. The microphone looked expensive and as it rolled toward the edge of the shelf i analyzed if it would break from that hight, if i would get in trouble, and how much it would cost to replace. In that order. Before i could finish deducting that the mic would most likely cost more than i wanted to spend the mic was falling off the edge. In a split second i reached down with my left hand (My right is dominate) and i snagged the mic inches from the ground. I even had witnesses.
Now that i have proved that i am cool im going to try and further impress you with feats of amazing acts. Thank you

Sunday, January 30, 2011

The grass may be greener but its hard to mow

Today i had on of those days where you feel like you have only talked to yourself for the entire day. 
I ate breakfast with my dad this morning and even though i was fully awake and involved in the conversation i think i was more concerned with my own thoughts. The conversation i have in my head out weighs reality. Not sure if this is a good thing.

The stereo in my car is broken and i can no longer listen to my ipod, so the radio is the next best thing. Most of the music on the radio makes me sick. Not the good kinda sick thats like 
“Dude that extra long straw is sick”
But like the bad kind of sick thats like
“(projectile vomit) ohhhh nooo”
just a minute ago i was driving home from church and i herd a commercial about starting forrest fires. While in the begging this sounded harmless close to the end of  this commercial a child’s voice can be herd saying “get your smokey on!” While this commercial is extremely funny it sends a bad message to our youth. Kids, don't get your smokey on.
One radio station i found that is alright to listen to is 88.3. It may just be the fact that they are local so its cool to know the area they are talking about but they also play a wide variety of music and they have multiple DJs with different personalities. Good job 88.3.
I painted this for my Advanced Art Final last year.

Saturday, January 29, 2011

We Have Got To Leave All That Behind.

Today was an awkward day for me. I believe awkward things happen to me because of karma, I often laugh at people in awkward situations and have been known to try to intentionally bring the awkward level up a step. I don't want to write out every situation so i will do a couple in bullet form:
- Was caught scratching the inside of my noise by cute girl in traffic. 
- Was confronted by a teacher about the amount of cartoons i watch. 
- Gave an old friend a hug with sweat stains under my arms. Gross.
- Laughed at by a true thug for knowing the lyrics to "Hold Ya Head" By The Notorious B.I.G
- My art teacher thought my paining i spent two days on was a rough draft.
How is that not the end of my awkward day. It got more fidgety. I arrived at work at 5:00 and went into auto pilot mode. In this state of mind i can clean tables for hours and  completely be zoned out. This helps the time move faster and eases my depression for having to come to work in the first place. One disadvantage of this auto pilot mode is i am usually trying to tune noise out so i don't really realize the volume of my voice. While sweeping the bathrooms of Old Chicago the Jimmy Hendrix song "Foxy Lady" came on. The song continued to play as i gathered up my broom and dustpan and headed for the door. I guess i couldn't hear how loud i was singing until i opened up the door while singing the word foxy and crinkling my nose trying to be like a fox. Once the door opened all the way i was astonished to see a cute customer staring at me about to go into the women's bathroom. I guess she thought i was calling her foxy because she gave me a look that said "Your a greasy buss boy that works at a pizza place/ bar, don't breath my air." Being used to this kind of awkward situation i already knew what i had to do. Keep on singing and walk away. Nobody can take my pride. But still that was awkward.
I hope these situations help me in years to come. Like maybe next time a thug laughs at me for knowing biggie lyrics i should challenge him to a rap battle instead of apologizing for muting out the "n" word.
Or when my art teacher belittles my works i should put clay in her sink's drain instead of admitting defeat and restarting the whole project. 
Maybe ill learn to keep a spare shirt handy more often to ensure dry pits instead of running the risk of giving a sweaty hug. 
I most likely will never learn from my awkward encounters but maybe tomorrow will go smoother than today. Im not ALWAYS awkward. i dont think.

Im going to listen the Avett Brothers advice and "Leave all that behind"

Friday, January 28, 2011

You Probably Think You Know, Do You?

Recently some of my friends have encouraged me to write some of my thoughts down for people to see. They told me about blog spot and it sounded like a perfect way to express myself, i guess. I never really liked people that thought entire world wanted to know what they did that day. But after hearing from a few of my friends i have been convinced the advantages of blogging can be useful to me. 
Before i just write my random and chaotic thoughts and actions down you should probably know who i think i am. 
Generally, i am a 5 foot 11" white male, born in Vincennes Indiana, now residing in the very center of Tennessee, Murfreesboro. 
Specifically, i am Vice President of my senior class at Riverdale High School and next year i plan to attend the University of Tennessee, Knoxville. I enjoy solving murder mysteries and hiking outdoors. You can figure out everything else about me by reading my blog.