Sunday, January 30, 2011

The grass may be greener but its hard to mow

Today i had on of those days where you feel like you have only talked to yourself for the entire day. 
I ate breakfast with my dad this morning and even though i was fully awake and involved in the conversation i think i was more concerned with my own thoughts. The conversation i have in my head out weighs reality. Not sure if this is a good thing.

The stereo in my car is broken and i can no longer listen to my ipod, so the radio is the next best thing. Most of the music on the radio makes me sick. Not the good kinda sick thats like 
“Dude that extra long straw is sick”
But like the bad kind of sick thats like
“(projectile vomit) ohhhh nooo”
just a minute ago i was driving home from church and i herd a commercial about starting forrest fires. While in the begging this sounded harmless close to the end of  this commercial a child’s voice can be herd saying “get your smokey on!” While this commercial is extremely funny it sends a bad message to our youth. Kids, don't get your smokey on.
One radio station i found that is alright to listen to is 88.3. It may just be the fact that they are local so its cool to know the area they are talking about but they also play a wide variety of music and they have multiple DJs with different personalities. Good job 88.3.
I painted this for my Advanced Art Final last year.

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