Tuesday, August 16, 2011

Gonna take you on a ride on my big jet plane

 Today im leaving for India.
10:45 AM Nashville Tennessee
As I was walking away from my family and my girlfriend into the airport i was left alone only with my thoughts. Its real now. No more packing, preparing, or learning new things because now is when all those things come into play. Im not big on goodbyes, especially when i have been saying goodbye for the past two weeks. As i walked on the moving sidewalk it kinda hit me that i was alone. I could text my family, but i would only get words back, and if i did text them what am i supposed to say. They know i love them. I just saw them less than ten minutes ago so they know im still as healthy as i was. To assure them i made it through the medal detectors ok i text them and told them i love them, then once i made it to my gate i called my sister and told her to make sure they know im in the right place. I guess im in the right place. Ive decided to spend my free time today blogging so as i travel i will write the location and the local time. 
1:45 PM Nashville Tennessee
Still at the airport. My plane was delayed somewhere and was going to be two hours late. My excitement is still lingering but the freezing cold airport and the old lady that thinks i am edward from twilight is dwindling my once goosebumps. Maybe she wont sit next to me on the plane so i can try to recover from the lack of sleep last night.
So my plane was delayed until 4 45 in Nashville and yes the old lady did sit next to me. She has a son that lives in China that she is going to visit so she talked about that the entire flight as i panicked about if i was going to be able to make  my connecting flight out of Newark to New Delhi India. 
Running through the Newark Airport i felt like an idiot. Mainly because my legs hadn't woken up fully yet so i was tripping all over the place. Eventually i made it to my plane and sat between two other americans that where from New York going to Delhi to write an article on the impact of the mustache on India. I dunno if he was kidding but i want a job like that. 
I now know why comedians make fun of airplane food. Especially Indian Airplane food. My favorite part of the flight was flying over Afghanistan. The mountains  were intense and all i could think about was that i was probably flying over my friend Josh. I pray he is safe. 
The Delhi airport was scary at first but once i found my taxi driver and made it to the car i just wanted to look around. It was hard to concentrate on the scenery as we buzzed around other cars and as we avoided multiple crashs just by him honking his horn. There are set lines you have to stay in while driving and being on the opposite side of the car made me feel like i was in abad dream where i was trying to drive a car with no steering wheel. 
Where i am staying, the YWCA, is actually pretty nice. I have wi-fi so i got to talk with my parents and my girlfriend over skype and i got to get finished with this blog post. right now im about to eat breakfast but today i will be roaming the city with my roommate Alex.  wish me luck!

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