Monday, May 16, 2011

IM outside of your window with my radio

Today it sank in.
Im not in high school anymore. Ever sense i can remember on the first and last day of school i cant sleep. This probably stems from moving so much as a child and having to meet new friends at new schools every two years. I was always nervous of the first day of school and i am always nostalgic about the last day of school. Its like if i fall asleep right now im that much closer to being done with a chapter in my life. So im not sleeping tonight. Ive never wanted to be in school but as my last official class approaches i dont want it to end. Maybe im scared of the future but even if i am, i cant avoid it. So im going to look forward to it. 

If you look in the past you will trip on the present and fall in the future.

Most of you know but for those who do not i am taking a Gap Semester in India from August 18 till The end of November next school year. 
This link takes you to the website of the school i will be attending while i am there. 
It focuses around high altitude trekking and the cultures of different parts of India. Over spring break i my Dad told me about this program and said he had a friend who could help get me there so i jumped at the opportunity. Just a couple weeks ago i got my acceptance letter and now im just training and saving money in order to pay for everything. Once i return i hope to go to UTK along with the rest of Murfreesboro and major in Forestry and or wildlife preservation. My goal is to be a Park Ranger or a Professional Mountain Guide. The other day someone asked why i wanted to be a Park Ranger, i told them as a kid i wanted to be a power ranger. This is as close as it gets. 

I think this decision to go was pretty impulsive. I've never been out of the country, i've only been across the Mississippi twice. India is pretty far away. Actually i will be on the other side of the world, 12 hours time difference. After making the decision to go i have been on this spree to saying yes to any opportunities that present themselves. Just two weeks ago i had the pleasure of taking Cori Baker, my best friend Parker's childhood friend, to prom, in Texas. Parker was ready to go but turns out he had exams so him and his mom called me and to both of our surprises i said yes. IM not normally one to throw myself into a group of people i do not know, but i'm so glad i did it. They flew me down on saturday morning, we went to a rad prom that night and i was supposed to come back to Tennessee on sunday but the wether wasn't cooperating so my flight got postponed until Monday. I think im more confident in my social skills now more than before the trip. Not that i was an introvert or anything but that now i feel more compelled to hear other peoples stories. 
So there you have it. My thoughts for the night. Next post will be my graduation speech. Everyone is required to Watch it. yeah i said watch, and yes i said everyone.
P.S. If you know who sings the song i got my title from and the name of the song, leave a comment.

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