Thursday, August 18, 2011

Stuck in a moment you cant get out of

Today i witnessed first hand the rural side of India. Nothing could prepare me for the things i got to see today. We woke up at five oclock and the first thing i did was skype my mom for about twenty minutes before she had to go to church and before i had to shower and pack my bags to begin the day. Talking with her is strange because im so used to always being around her i didnt realize how different it would be no seeing her all the time. After i showered and packed my bags we got in a cab and headed for the train station. Men of all ages stand outside in the parking lot hoping to find someone who is willing to pay in order to carry their bags up the stairs into the station. I bought a Limca which is a lime soda that i have come to enjoy, and it only costs 15 rupees which is basically a quarter.
On the train we sat in seats like on an airplane. Three seats on the right and two seats on the left. In front of me was a very adorable Indian girl who allowed me to take her picture in return for a silly band. She had a scar on the right side of her for head but it only made her more beautifully distinguished.
Her sister and i played a peekaboo game almost the entire train ride which was about 6 and a half hours long. We road North from Delhi to Dehra Dun passing through a couple of rural towns and one city that is one of the seven holiest cities in India. The whole ride i was reading a book about the Uttarakhand and the impact the environment and the peasants have on the land and the relationship between the two. It was interesting to read about holy lands that are never touched by humans.
By the time we reached Dehra Dun i was starving so we loaded a taxi with our bags and headed through the scariest traffic of my life. I dont have any pictures of it yet because i was afraid of offending people with my camera in their face because when your in a car people are always all around you. Its soo crowded. We took roughly a thousand cutbacks up the mountain to the school after we ate lunch which made it hard to digest my Indian vegetarian food but the view made everything worth it. I have always liked the height factor of mountains but i have never seen mountains like this. It is so steep that playing frisbee here would result in a 6,000 ft throw to the bottom of the valley. Once at The Woodstock School we made our way to our dormitory where we will be sleeping and the Hanifl  Centre where we will be educated in the ways of the mountain but the sheer beauty of this school is breath taking. Everything about is is phenomenal. So im going to end todays blog with first my view from my window and then some pictures of the dorm and the Hanifl Centre. Tomorrow i have my first Hindi class bright and early.

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