Wednesday, April 13, 2011

Back to the lecture at hand...

Today i decided i needed to blog.
After Luke and I didn't make it to DECA Nationals i got really discouraged and didn't want to blog about my failure. I figured i would wait to blog about something really awesome but then i decided that my blog doesn't have to have awesome stories and good news about my life in order for it to be interesting.
In the past couple weeks that i have procrastinated blogging some pretty far out things have happened. I went to Knoxville for the last 4 days of our spring break to see my friends. I think its amazing how i can not see those guys for weeks and when i do see them its as if no time has past at all. I call it Understood Best Friends. These are the friends you will always have no matter the time or distance apart. While driving around Knoxville we found josh's car Carmen a boyfriend.
Spring break ended too soon and going back to school was pretty hard. On the plus side, my boy Walker got out of rehab and it was great getting to see him again. Im pretty proud of him for trying to get his life straightened up. My friend Josh also got to come home but for only two weeks before he was sent to Afghanistan. He is a Marine and im proud of him as well. He does an excellent job of keeping me motivated and making me laugh. A couple of the guys from my church and I went to go see Limitless so that we could hang out with Josh a little more before he left and i have to admit it was a pretty cool movie. Its just kinda scary to think of what i could do if I could harness the full potential of my brainpower. You should probably be scared too.
I cant help but feel overwhelmed with the school year coming to a close. So many final things to do, it feels like im making life changing decisions everyday. In a way im happy about it. Im happy to be getting these decisions made because now i have a plan further than what im doing tomorrow. I have a general plan for my life now. I know things are going to change all the time but for now, im content.
I asked Jenny Strobel to prom. It was pretty cool to see her reaction to a spotlight spelling out prom in on the curtain in the auditorium. It was cooler that she said yes though.
(It looked better in person)
Im going to start blogging more now that i have my life back under control.
I have really big news for readers but im really not supposed to talk about it until i recieve conformation so you will have to wait. Until then, listen to "Nothing but a journal thing" by the Hood Internet. Snoop and Dr. Dre kill it with Class Actress playing the beat.