Tuesday, March 8, 2011

We  <3 Buddy :)

 Love, Jenny & Abby :))

Sunday, March 6, 2011


Today i decided to dedicate my blog to Abby Callahan

Abby, the fact that you read my blog makes me more happy than you know. I will try to make this blog interesting just for you. Also i'm sorry for confusing you with someone else. 
Today was the the day Luke and i have been working for for the past four months. DECA STATE. Over these past four months Luke and I have written a thirty page paper, made three double sided presentation boards, and scripted and perfected a ten minute presentation all about Buddy's Cereal Bar. I've had he idea for Buddy's Cereal Bar or BCB for about a year but now its all more real. 
This morning i woke up ready and willing. As i took my shower and finished packing my bags i couldn't help but feel rushed. It was like someone was constantly forcing me forward when all i wanted to do was just chill. 
I think Luke and I work well together with this project because we think the same, well i think we think the same because we both jus don't care. This morning once we got the the school and our initial mission was to get Luke's blazer out of the RTN room. This mission ended once we realized it was Sunday and that it was six o'clock. Luke, we may not care about much but when it comes down to it, we get it done, and we do it BIG.
After hours of waiting and an uncomfortable nap on the floor of a hotel hallway we presented. I think its crazy that i paid so much money to come to Franklin and stay in a hotel for two nights just so that i could do a ten min presentation for a judge who didn't look like he appreciated all the hard work we put into BCB. For me this cereal bar is more than a project. Its become my PLAN B. Just incase my college plans don't work out its nice to know i have a business plan that has been graded to be successful by over 5 teacher and judges. If anyone wants to invest the the real Buddy's Cereal Bar, hit me up.
After the we finished our presentation i was still nervous about the score our judge would give us. He seemed very focused and he asked all the questions i had hoped he wouldn't. In a way i'm kinda thankful he did it though. He found holes in what i thought was a pretty solid plan. If someone were to ask me to describe DECA State in one word it would be patience. It seems all i have done today is wait quietly. Even now when i'm supposed to be sleeping, in order to be ready for tomorrows activities, in reality i'm just being patient until tomorrow. I wish it would just come already. One good thing about Deca State is the dance. Last year during the dance my sister Aubrey had just gone into labor and i was to worried about her to go into a room filled with sweaty teenagers so today i embraced it. 
When do you get the chance to move however you want. Im sure if i just started fist pumping, or whipping my hair back and forth i would be looked at like a fool. But when your with a bunch of people you've been with practically everyday at school for the past four years everything becomes a dance move. At one point i cant even describe what i was doing with my arms but it didn't matter because as i looked around i realized nobody in the room really knew what they were doing. They were just jumping, pushing, pumping, whipping, and just being ridiculous. If you have never had the chance to dance crazy i would suggest doing it. Even if your by yourself its fun because every dance move you do you can just pretend like its the new crave.
Before i close this post i would like to send a very Happy Birthday to my niece Dakota who turned one yesterday. 
She is my sunshine and i love her.